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A Homecoming Masterpiece Designed by Frank Gehry

“I wanted to create an ensemble of buildings that were respectful to the city and referential to the Toronto that I once knew.” — Frank Gehry

A Homecoming of Epic Proportions

An Architectural Showpiece

Spectacular From the Start

Modernist Interiors With Maximum Impact

The World Within Reach
The Visionary Team

A Homecoming of Epic Proportions

The Return of a Toronto-born International Icon

The architectural feats of Frank Gehry include landmarks that have put cities on the map, and not for aesthetic reasons alone. Each destination intertwines with the fabric of its homeland. Abstract and therefore open to interpretation, Gehry’s structures also stand as universal symbols of art, humanity, and progress.

His inventive buildings dot the world, but the long-time Los Angeles resident is clear about his roots. They’re firmly planted in the place where he grew up. “Toronto,” says Gehry of his birthplace, “is in my DNA.” His affection for his hometown is unequivocal.

  • Frank with his best friend Ross Honsberger in Toronto, circa 1945.
  • Frank as a cheerleader at Bloor Collegiate.
  • Gehry jumping up and down on a desk. The desk is part of his 1972 Easy Edges line of cardboard furniture, a group of 17 furnishings that brought the young architect national attention.
  • Frank Gehry in front of the house he created for himself and his wife, Berta. An assemblage of glass, plywood, corrugated metal, and chain-link fencing, it is hailed as an icon of residential design.
  • In 1989, Frank Gehry was awarded the 12th Pritzker Architecture Prize at the Todai-ji Buddhist Temple in Nara, Japan.
  • Frank Gehry stands next to his fish lamps–sculptures at the opening of his exhibition at the Gagosian Mayfair gallery, in Central London in 2013.
  • Former U.S. President Barack Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Frank Gehry in 2016.
  • Frank Gehry smilling next to the model of Forma in his Los Angeles studio in 2022.

An Architect with Monumental Influence

Frank Gehry’s Awe-inspiring Buildings Are Loved the World Over

The architect’s exuberant designs are unbridled – even, it sometimes seems, by gravity itself. There are only a few dozen of Gehry’s definition defying structures around the world, but each one is place-making. In fact, there’s a term for his influence on formerly little-known cities. “The Bilbao Effect” was coined after the 1997 completion of Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The mind-boggling cultural institution continues to bring Northern Spain much fanfare and fortune.

Incomparable, Gehry has earned countless prestigious awards during his 60-plus years of practice, including the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal for Architecture, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among many others.

Vitra Design Museum

Location: Weil Am Rhein, Germany
Date Built: 1989

The Vitra Design Museum examines design’s relationship to architecture, art, and culture. The building was Gehry’s first in Europe. Clad in white plaster and a titanium–zinc alloy, with curved forms to break up his more usual angular shapes, it’s a subtle nod to the nearby Notre Dame du Haut chapel by Le Corbusier.

Dancing House

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date Built: 1996

The Nationale-Nederlanden building in Prague, a collaboration between Gehry and architect Vlado Milunić, resembles an embrace shared between dancers. The nine-storey structure – which houses a hotel, offices, and a restaurant named Ginger and Fred – consists of a glass tower supported by curved pillars, as well as concrete waves and unaligned windows.

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

Location: Bilbao, Spain
Date Built: 1997

Encouraged to design something “daring and innovative” for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Gehry responded with an undulating form rendered in glass, titanium, and limestone. The curves may appear to be randomly placed, but they are specifically situated so the 24,000-square-metre structure catches the sunlight of Basque Country, Spain.

Museum of Pop Culture

Location: Seattle, USA
Date Built: 2000

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, the Frank Gehry–designed shrine to pop culture sits beneath the Seattle Space Needle. To convey the fluidity of music, Gehry encased the outside of the building in 21,000 individually cut and shaped stainless steel and painted aluminum shingles that reflect a myriad of colours.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Date Built: 2003

Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, WDCH is one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world, presenting the very best in classical, contemporary, world music, and jazz. Curvaceous steel panels outside the 1.5-hectare complex shelter the hardwood-panelled main auditorium within from L.A.’s bustling downtown.

Hotel Marqués de Riscal

Location: Elciego, Spain
Date Built: 2006

Also known as the Marqués de Riscal Vineyard Hotel – and a “Cathedral to Wine” – the grapevine-like structure of this four-storey building overlooks Spanish vineyards. Crafted in steel and titanium, its curves spiral around multiple cellars and a hotel, a tribute to both local tradition and avant-garde gastronomy.

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Location: Las Vegas, USA
Date Built: 2010

This outstanding Las Vegas complex is split into two distinct wings representing the logical and creative aspects of the brain. Not only was Frank Gehry responsible for the neuron-like massing of its structure, but the architect further influenced the Center by recommending its research mandate include treatments for Huntington’s disease, for which Gehry has been a long-time advocate.


Location: Panama City, Panama
Date Built: 2014

Situated at the opening of the Panama Canal, this is the world’s first museum dedicated to biodiversity. As multi-coloured and multi-faceted as Panama’s natural world, the 4,100 square-metre facility’s eight galleries spiral out from a central atrium sheltered by vibrant metal canopies. The site interacts with the neighbouring landscape, inviting visitors to explore the fertile surroundings.

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Location: Paris, France
Date Built: 2014

A “transparent cloud” sitting at the edge of the Jardin d’Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne, this is Gehry’s expression of love for France’s culture. The dreamy structure features 3,600 glass panels curved with millimetre precision, as well as 19,000 panels of fibre-reinforced concrete, each unique element and contributing to the overall boundary-pushing design.

Luma Arles

Location: Arles, France
Date Built: 2021

The stainless-steel-clad tower is the centrepiece of this world-renowned arts and culture institution located in the South of France. Inspired by such design references as Arles’s Roman architecture, the nearby mountain range, and Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, the castlelike structure features extruded windows and a scaly, stepped exterior.


Location: Toronto, Canada

After six decades of global practice, the acclaimed architect returns with Forma, his tallest creation ever. A towering tribute to his hometown of Toronto, Forma is poised to become the most iconic residential development in Canada.

An architectural performance piece, Forma is Frank Gehry’s legacy project. A pirouette rendered in glass and steel shines a light on the King Street promenade he loves so dearly while putting Toronto’s skyline squarely on the map.

An Architectural Showpiece

Frank Gehry’s Forma is a Skyline Salute to the City That Shaped Him

The architect’s pair of dancing towers lift off from King Street and shapeshift as they soar to 73 and 84 storeys above Toronto. “I wanted to create an ensemble of buildings that were respectful to Toronto,” the architect says, “and referential to the city that I once knew.” The Forma supertalls are as complex as ribbons of DNA. Great stretches of the towers become building-sized blocks that rotate on their axis, much like a double helix. Amenities and residential suites and finishes, designed by Toronto-based Studio Paolo Ferrari, radiate out from the condominium’s core. Pivoted, each floor plan ensures unique and private views from every level. 

“By twisting Forma, I’ve broken it down into blocks as you go up,” says Gehry, “and those twists are not arbitrary. They’re twisted so that we could manipulate the floor plans, so that the condos are not looking into each other. The condos look past the other buildings; we’ve taken future views into account.”

Forma begins to twist at penthouse-height. Huge volumes of each building shift and tilt by varying degrees. From here, these blocks stack up and, adding to its intrigue, Gehry varied the texture of Forma’s exterior. Shiny and matte metal panels bend and curve, producing arresting, fluid patterns. And when the sun strikes Forma’s façade, mosaic-like reflections of the sky, of the city, ripple down to the streetscape.

The Canadian Epicentre

Forma’s picture-perfect metropolis is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and a beacon of multiculturalism. Tens of thousands make Toronto their home annually. A thriving city with countless attractions, Toronto is where everyone wants to live, and Forma is the next global address.

Unparalleled Architecture

Frank Gehry’s unique figures are the hallmark of his international acclaim. “Forma,” which means “form, shape, or appearance” in Latin and Italian, is a fitting moniker for Gehry’s latest structure. Transcending ordinary building design, his towers create a sense of movement; a fluid and unexpected expression that emerges from the city.

A Spectacular Start

The Forma Experience Begins in the Frank Gehry-designed Lobby

The vaulted limestone-clad entry hall is an architectural masterpiece, as one would expect from Gehry. Ceiling-height windows wash the chamber in sunlight, which bounces from the sculptural reception desk across the warm Douglas fir surfaces and guest seating to be absorbed by the stunning art installation above. Handcrafted and installed by Frank Gehry’s design team, the sculptural ceiling fixture was inspired by the work of The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, painters who are dear to Gehry and prominently displayed at the nearby Art Gallery of Ontario.

For the sculpture, FOGA started with the motif of a golden maple leaf. Rendered in copper, the leaves were tiled to create an undulating surface that would evoke the movement and play of light across Lake Ontario – an important vista for the south-facing suites and a significant reference for the tower design.

The Super Nuances of Studio Paolo Ferrari

Interiors by the Toronto-based Design Team Are Both Subtle and Unexpected

“Designed as an ultra-aspirational apartment, the Grand Suite is an extension of your own residence.” — Paolo Ferrari

Forma is a livable sculpture and, as Frank Gehry’s latest icon, its interior was carefully carved into elevated lifestyle spaces. This is the work of Studio Paolo Ferrari, an emerging multidisciplinary practice whose inventive commissions are internationally recognized. The studio’s portfolio consists of hospitality projects that span North America, Europe, and the Middle East and include a remote desert resort, a subterranean speakeasy, and awe-inspiring luxury hotels.

“Forma,” says principal Paolo Ferrari, “is a metaphor for Toronto. The city is youthful, energetic, and unrelenting, but there’s also this wonderful connection to the outdoors, the lake, and public parks. We wanted to encapsulate where this tower is located and balance that exuberance with restorative qualities. We wanted to express this duality in the project and offer a holistic way of living.”

The amenity program achieves this and more. “We leaned into a usercentric approach,” says Ferrari, “and divided the amenities into three sections: entertaining and hospitality, health and wellness, and coworking. Each is purposefully located within the tower, with no crossover between activities. These are flexible but purposeful spaces.”

Creativity is a common thread woven into each design, with thoughtful interior architectural gestures, injections of colour, and an unexpected layer of artistry. There’s a natural tension, as spaces shift from sculptural and serene to exuberant and colour-saturated, highlighting the broad spectrum of programming. Whether restorative or high-energy, Forma’s interiors are designed to foster connection and celebrate community.

The Grand Suite

A flexible and dramatic extension to the private home, the Grand Suite serves as a luxury entertainment space for both intimate events and milestone celebrations. Furnished with bar, lounge, dining room, a games room, and a chef’s kitchen, the Grand Suite delivers the ultimate hospitality experience for all Forma residents and their guests.

More than just a private screening room, this deep red circular pavilion can play host to innumerable activities, including Oscar parties, cocktails and catching the latest sporting events on the big screen. Top-notch audiovisual technology elevates every film to a blockbuster event.

Wrapping the exterior, the lavish terrace is a breathtaking perch from which to take in the sights. Fresh air and unparalleled views of the surrounding community can be enjoyed from the outdoor lounges, barbecue area, and alfresco dining spaces.

Health & Wellness Retreat

Tranquil and relaxing, Forma’s expansive Retreat is a haven for holistic rejuvenation. Thanks to its user-centric offerings replete with resort-quality finishes and fixtures, residents will unwind in the treatment room and linked sauna–jacuzzi in style, and in no time at all.

The main exercise area is subdued and warm, almost residential in feel. Unlike a commercial gym, its wood and sculptural forms are welcoming and humanizing. High-intensity areas like the Spin Studio, on the other hand, with its lit ceiling and saturated colours, reflect exuberance and high energy.

Designed in tune with body and mind wellness, the interiors contrast robust materials with softly sculptural forms. There are spaces for both restorative and musclebuilding exercises, including rooms dedicated to cardio and weight training, spinning, yoga, personal training, and even boxing. Combine the latest equipment with exciting views and every experience becomes a dynamic one.

Creator’s Club

Forma’s luxury Creator’s Club spaces offer a variety of inspired – and inspiring – zones to motivate the resident creative. From quiet and homey to broad, bold, and artistic, the co working spaces features semi-private alcoves as well as centralized lounge areas and boardrooms; it is ideal for focused work and virtual calls, informal breakouts, and group meetings. Positive and enlivening, these productive spaces are a joy to spend time in. A nearby games and billiards room encourages work–life balance.

Included in the Creator’s Club are spaces designed to extend the limits of creativity. Complete your next project in the woodworking, painting, and crafts rooms, or share your ideas with the world by producing podcasts and other multimedia output in the soundproof recording studio.

Access to Private Members Only Benefits

Living at Forma means you have access to a third-party concierge service that will provide à la carte lifestyle amenities.

  • Trusted Care of Residences When Owners Are Away
  • Pet Care and Grooming
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance for Home Repairs & Maintenance Issues
  • Coordination of Personal Chef for Private Catering
  • Private Event and Party Planning
  • Arranging Grocery Delivery
  • ​​​​​​​Coordination of Personal Training
  • Booking in-home or Off-site Spa Services
  • Fresh Flower Delivery
  • Dinner, Theatre, and Event Reservations
  • Personal Shopping
  • Coordination of Various Daily Needs Like Dry Cleaning, Car Service, and Personal Errands


Available around the clock, the concierge is always present to greet your guests and receive packages. Discreet and proficient, with professional white-glove service, the Concierge’s key role is to anticipate your every need.

Program Director

The role of the on-site Program Director is to create a sense of community and encourage social engagement through gatherings within the building. The calendar of coordinated events, shaped by the residents and their interests, may include sessions with a fitness coach, art nights, wine club meetings, and more.

24/7 Perks & Pampering

With hotel-inspired concierge services, including everything from personal shopping to the pampering of pets, Forma delivers a host of exciting à la carte lifestyle services.

Modernist Interiors with Maximum Impact

Forward-thinking Condominiums Complement Gehry’s Architecture

Taking cues from the architect’s broad gestures, as well as great hotels from around the world, the Studio Paolo Ferrari–designed residential suites employ vast curves and such monumental materials as swathes of marble, walnut, oak, and quartz. The overall look is both timeless and unconventional.

Suites range from one-, two-, and three-bedroom designs to penthouse residences. Forma’s suites surprise at every turn, from the intimate arrival through to the open-concept living and dining room.

The Luxury Ensuite

Hotel-inspired, the principal bathroom is layered with functionality. Its vanity and wall-mounted shelving unit provide copious storage, while large-format floor to-ceiling porcelain tile makes for a serene at-home spa experience. Choose from elegant millwork paired with quartz surfacing or go bold with grey oak and slate.

The Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen

At the heart of each Forma home is a distinctive kitchen. Anchoring the living and dining spaces, the kitchens are showpieces expertly executed in light, medium, and dark palettes. Residents can choose from crisp, light cabinetry finishes as well as those that are inky and dramatic. Surfacing, too, ranges from muted to mid tone earthen to bold.

Stunning Vistas, From Inside and Out

An unmatched addition to Toronto’s skyline, Forma is a sight to behold from every vantage point – from inside its luxury suites and from far across the GTA. Exhilarating panoramic views are the focal point of each residential suite and, for admirers at ground level, Forma delivers a stunning light show.

Interior Delights at Every Turn

At Forma, world-class features and finishes are a given. From designer cabinetry to luxe tiles, special attractions abound. Upgrades and customization are available to make the home even more heavenly.

General Finishes

  • Solid core entry door with keyless suite door entry
  • Smooth-finished flat ceiling throughout the suite; approximately nine feet
  • Contemporary-style doors with designer-series hardware and flat profile casings
  • Paint-finished, contemporary-styled baseboards with matching door trim
  • Choice of plank laminate flooring in entries, kitchens, principal living areas, and bedrooms
  • Hollow core slab closet doors or contemporary sliding closet doors with designer series hardware as per builder’s plan
  • Interior walls painted with off-white colour
  • Front-loading stacked washer and dryer
  • Capped ceiling outlet in dining room
  • Ceiling-mounted lighting in principal rooms

The World Within Reach

Located at the Corner of King and Duncan, Forma is a Tony Address

Situated at the nexus of Toronto’s Entertainment and Financial Districts, this neighbourhood boasts culture on every corner, from stunning architecture to dreamy green spaces, and from intimate dining destinations to crowd-drawing performance venues.

Restaurants & Bars

King West provides everything from homecooked favourites to sit-down dinner extravaganzas delivering the latest in exotic ingredients and culinary techniques. Steps from Soho House, Akira Back and Alo, Forma residents will have some of the city’s best culinary offerings at their doorstep. Pubs and posh cocktail destinations round out the eclectic offering.

  • Ritz Bar
    Head to the Ritz-Carlton to experience sheer elegance. It is a luxurious setting for traditional afternoon tea service, premium cocktails, and elevated appetizers.
  • Dasha
    This two-level, exposed-brick eatery serves cutting-edge Chinese dishes with flair. Boasting a lively karaoke room, Dasha is as famous for its revelry as it is for dim sum.
  • Canoe
    Located within the nearby TD Bank Tower, Canoe flaunts a breathtaking view of Toronto, as well as inspired dishes reflective of the diversity of Canada’s cuisines and flavours.
  • Byblos
    The colourful Studio Mungedesigned restaurant has an impressive menu of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients.
  • Kost
    Perched atop the 44-storey Bisha Hotel, Kost is an airy restaurant with spectacular views of the city. It serves seasonal dishes inspired by Bajan cuisine.

Wellness & Parks

King Street West and its surrounding neighbourhoods offer multiple pockets of respite ideal for exercise and quiet time. Intimate spas and sports clubs abound, as do open green spaces, all within a short walk from Forma.

  • HTO Park
    Located in Toronto’s Inner Harbour, this unique park along the water’s edge features a long sandy beach with stationary bright yellow umbrellas.
  • David Pecaut Square
    This grass and granite park directly across from Forma backs Metro Hall. Its treed lawn, marble reflecting pool, and intriguing public art offer big-city reprieve.
  • Osgoode Gardens
    Just a quick walk from the central Nathan Philips Square and City Hall, this pretty, city-block-sized garden features lush lawns and mature trees.
  • Clarence Square Park
    Situated on Spadina Avenue just north of Front Street, this park features a mature tree canopy, many benches on which to relax, and an enclosed off-leash area for dogs.
  • Simcoe Park
    ​​​​​​​A small but mighty parkette, Simcoe is immaculately landscaped and boasts a collection of high-profile outdoor art. It’s the perfect spot for reflection and conversation.

Ambiance & Attractions

Numerous cultural institutions reside not far from Forma, proof the Frank Gehry-designed structure is in the perfect downtown location. Populated with music venues, theatres, and compelling architecture, King Street is a lively enclave devoted to the arts.

  • Art Gallery of Ontario
    Among the most distinguished art museums in North America, the AGO boasts a collection of over 90,000 historically significant and contemporary artifacts. The Frank Gehry designed atrium is especially revered.
  • Roy Thomson Hall
    Named after the late publishing great and home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, this world-famous concert hall is a glittering hyperboloid designed by Arthur Erickson.
  • Tiff Bell Lightbox
    As Toronto International Film Festival’s hub, the Lightbox is the ultimate moviegoer’s paradise. The five-storey theatre designed by KPMB attracts film buffs from far and wide.
  • Princess of Wales Theatre
    This modern 2,000-seat theatre was built by the father and son producing team of David and Ed Mirvish. Of the four famous Mirvish theatres, the Princess is the most lauded.
  • CN Tower
    Soaring to a height of 553 metres, the concrete spire is both a communications tower and a lookout. It features a 360-degreeview restaurant as well as Edge Walk, a breathtaking outdoor experience for thrill-seekers.


Forma is perfectly situated in the heart of Toronto. From its King West address, located along a pedestrian promenade that prioritizes those commuting by foot, bicycle, and transit, this area is fully connected to the city at large.

  • Streetcar​​​​​​​
    A quick ride east on the 504 King streetcar to St. Andrew subway station, the whole city is at hand. Stay on a little longer and the streetcar delivers to you Toronto’s Design District on King East. Head west on the 504 to discover magnificent High Park.
  • Subway
    St. Andrew subway station is but a hop, a skip and a jump away from Forma. From here, the subway system quickly links you to all north, south, east, and west destinations.
  • Union Station
    An eight-minute walk from Forma gets you to the limestone train station. VIA Rail connects the city with key locations throughout Ontario and across all of Canada. It also doubles as a subway and GO Train station.
  • Path
    Across the street from Forma, David Pecaut Square provides access to an underground walkway linking 70 office towers, shopping centres, and restaurants.
  • Billy Bishop Airport
    ​​​​​​​Leaving Toronto is an easy excursion for downtowners. Simply taxi over to the Billy Bishop Airport, take the pedestrian walkway or ferry over to the Toronto Islands, and off you go.

The Visionary Team

Design and Development Partners Raising the Bar in Toronto

Gehry International | Design

Gehry Partners, LLP is a full-service architectural firm with extensive international experience in the design and construction of academic, cultural, commercial, and master-planning projects. Every project undertaken by GP is personally designed by Frank Gehry and supported by the broad resources of the firm’s senior partners and 150-person staff. The firm focuses on the functional and aspirational needs of its clients, resulting in on-time and on-budget projects that fulfill the client’s goals. A digitally enabled process has led to reductions in construction waste, change-orders, and cost while facilitating intense collaboration with the client and the entire team.

Studio Paolo Ferrari | Interiorism

Paolo Ferrari is an internationally recognized designer and the founder of Studio Paolo Ferrari, a Toronto-based, multidisciplinary design studio with a focus on interiors and objects. The studio is currently involved in projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Throughout his career, Ferrari has worked with luxury heavyweights including Four Seasons, St. Regis, and LVMH. Studio Paolo Ferrari’s work emerges through the pursuit of inventive and resonant concepts, led by design strategy, refinement, and integrity. Creative thinking, collaboration, and optimism guide the studio’s approach. At its most fundamental, we believe design is about celebrating the human experience.

Dream Unlimited | Developer

Founded in 1994 with a vision to revolutionize the way people live and work, Dream is one of Canada’s leading real estate companies, with over $16 billion in assets across North America and Europe. Responsible for some of the country’s most iconic and transformative projects including the Distillery District, Canary District, and Zibi in Ottawa, Dream is a leader in urban place-making. With over 21,400 new residential condominium and rental units in development, Dream is dynamically shaping the cities of the future.

Westdale Properties | Developer

A family company with a unique vision for multiresidential real estate and an understanding of mixed-use development, Westdale is committed to fostering positive experiences for the thousands of people who live in, work in, and shop at its properties. Its Canadian portfolio alone includes close to 7,000 residential units and over 2.5 million square feet of retail, commercial, and industrial spaces. Across the U.S., it owns and operates close to 35,000 residential units in 150 properties and 30 cities, as well as 3 million square feet of retail and commercial space.

Great Gulf | Developer

Great Gulf, the residential division of the Great Gulf Group of Companies, was established in 1975, and has since become one of North America’s leading real estate organizations, with fully integrated activities that span the entire real estate spectrum. Through our various platforms, Great Gulf develops, constructs, and manages residential and commercial real estate across 18 cities and employs over 1,500 people in North America. Great Gulf has developed over 80,000 residences and 30 million square feet of commercial real estate over its 45-year history. While much has changed, one thing has not; its unwavering commitment to building spaces that inspire people to live greatly.

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