Welcome to The One

A Building that Rises Above the Rest—Literally and Figuratively

Conceived as a perfect marriage of form and function, The One’s design creates a lattice-like supporting exoskeleton structure on the exterior that is made up of shimmering bronze trusses. A solid, yet delicate design creating a distinct, luminous presence in the skyline and on the street, The One’s structure is not solely decorative. It is actually part of a complex and innovative structural engineering feat. The trusses support much of the building’s load which means that space and light are maximized on the interior with few obstructing pillars.

The One is a Landmark for Toronto and the World

Design & Architecture at a Glance

This slender tower, reaching 1,005 feet into the sky, is Canada’s tallest residential tower. From the Sky Lobby at street level, climbing 85 stories and topped with its very own crown, The One is wrapped in a distinctive lattice-like exoskeleton structure making a new world landmark for the city.

The Exoskeleton

An innovative inside-out approach to the structure of the building allows for maximum space and flexibility on the inside. Without a traditional big core running through the centre to support the building, light and ample volumes dominate the interior while the exterior is graced with a skeleton of striking diagonal trusses, giving The One a commanding aesthetic identity.

Garden Terrace

On top of the six-storey Podium sits an oasis in the sky, Toronto’s green living room. Over 8,200 square feet of artful landscaping and lush planting evoke the serenity of nature in the heart of the city.


Reaching down 6 levels below the street, a sophisticated, valet operated, car-stacking system allows underground space to be used 50% more efficiently than regular parking. There’s always a space at The One.

The Limited Collection

Limitless Elegance

The Limited Collection, starting on the 62nd floor of the 85-storey tower, represents limitless elegance. Mizrahi Developments prides itself on offering complete customization and here, high above the city, a personalised, owner-to-owner philosophy allows for exemplary bespoke living. With truly adaptable interior floor plans and exterior inter-connecting gardens, the home becomes a crafted oasis; a serene sanctuary; the guardian of your identity and passions.

The Residences 

Welcome to Your Life in the Sky

The Limited Collection is for dreaming higher and living better. The top 23 levels of Canada’s tallest building are devoted to superior new standards of residential living. A multi-level residence with an unlimited number of rooms can be created. Individual layouts offer unrestricted flexibility in where kitchens and bathrooms are situated. These residences are designed to be completely customized. Anything is possible.

Living Better

The Standard of Luxury Living, Redefined

Living Better is integral to the Foster + Partners design philosophy which ensures that interior space and finishes are of the highest quality. The architects have designed an innovative structure on the exterior that allows for extraordinary interiors.

​​​​​​The Experience of Luxury Is The Same As Owning A Treasured Possession

The Views

Toronto as It Has Never Been Experienced Before

The vantage point over the city below and Lake Ontario’s great expanse of water is unmatched. Floor-to-ceiling windows and the striking exposure of the tower’s supporting structures make for spectacular architectural and panoramic compositions.


Passion & Creativity, Heart & Soul, Delectably Finished

The kitchen has always been far more than a place to prepare food. It is the heart of any charming home; the centre of creativity, passion and love. The design of the kitchens in The One is contemporary European. Clean tones and the finest material choices create a marriage of function and visual artistry. With generous, custom-made countertops and cabinetry and the latest Miele appliances, these kitchens give freedom to move and work effortlessly - and yes, to make fantastic meals.


Soak in the City

A bathroom should be a restorative, relaxing space. It’s a sanctuary for private revitalization of the body and soul. At The One, Foster + Partners has created bathrooms that offer privacy and ultimate freedom, including baths that sit in front of glass walls allowing stunning views over the city and the lake beyond. Daily strains and stresses drift away with a cleansing ritual; the endless sky is the only observer. Marble flooring and countertops and Kohler fixtures give these personal spaces of retreat a quality finish as you soak up the views.

The Penthouse

A Home Like No Other

At the top of the building, multilevel residences offer unlimited square footage with as many rooms as desired. Unrestricted flexibility allows for individual layouts, designed to be completely customized.

Grand Penthouse

A New, Unprecedented Residence for Toronto

The four-level Grand Penthouse is a new, unprecedented residence for Toronto in terms of space, the quality of the finishes and its positioning. Starting on the 82nd floor, this penthouse offers unique living high above the city. Inside, the finest finishings are found throughout, with wide glass walls and 11 ft ceiling heights. On the top level, beneath the iconic crown of the tower a series of protected outdoor “rooms” can be used for any purpose—as a garden, an outdoor dining area, a lap pool. Nothing is impossible.

Penthouse Terrace

The Height of Beauty

The city pulsates far below, spreading out in all directions. The vast surface of Lake Ontario glistens in the moonlight. The penthouses are situated at the top six levels of the tower. These exclusive residences are the dream that sparked the vision for The One. When you live in a palatial sanctuary of floor-to-ceiling glass, the sky becomes an ever-changing work of moving art. Destined to be a legendary experience of living.


Five-Star Concierge Service

At The One, residents will be introduced to true concierge service. In today’s fast-paced, 24-hour world, the old fashioned, personalised service of a concierge is more valuable than ever. This is the Mizrahi philosophy of customization, creating services and homes that cater to the way you want to live your life.

The One’s Concierge will ensure the best possible living in Toronto

Garden Terrace

With high-design features, the garden terrace at The One is the city’s premiere green living room, a place to meet friends or a retreat for quiet contemplation. It is a large space—close to 3,000 square meters (8,200 square feet), as big as an urban park. Heated all year round and equipped with snow-melting systems, it can be enjoyed in the colder months.

Andaz Hotel

Situated within 10 floors of The One will be the Andaz, bringing to Toronto a hotel that is known for its sleek yet sumptuous interiors, created with the seasoned traveller in mind. Approximately 200 rooms elevate the luxury hospitality experience in the city.

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