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A Step-by-Step Seller's Guide

Selling your home can be an exciting time and you are certain to have many questions.  The KK Realty Group can assist you to bring clarity and peace of mind during this process.  Should you have any questions about the process or the market, our team members are available to assist you.  We look forward to playing a significant role in this most important real estate transaction.

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What is your objective in selling your home?  Do you want to make a certain amount of money that you can put toward a larger or nicer home?  Do you need to sell as soon as possible to facilitate a move to a new city or area? 

Once you determine your needs, convey them to your real estate agent so that they can assist you in establishing a selling price. Your motivation and reasons for selling should be held in strict confidence by your real estate agent. 

If you are selling and intend to upgrade (or even make a lateral move) in the same market, you should consider the difference in pricing.  If the market is down by 10%, then all homes should decrease by the same 10%.  You may actually be in a position to save money.  

For example, if several months ago, your home was priced at $3 million but today it is only $2.7 million.  Then it is worth $300,000. less.  However, you intended to upgrade to a home that, several months ago, was priced at $4 million but today it is worth only $3.6 million or $400,000. less.  Accordingly, you might be able to save yourself $100,000. (difference between $400,000. and $300,000.).  



Knowing how to price your home is one of the most important aspects of the selling process.  When you set a fair price in the beginning, you will get the most interest from other real estate agents and prospective buyers.  Overpricing your home could lead to reduced interest and underpricing may lead to receiving less than what your home is worth. 

Working with a member of the KK Realty Group is the best way to determine what other comparable homes in your area are selling for and evaluating the current market.



If you have kept your home in pristine condition, you are in the minority. 

Once we agree with you on a listing price, it is time to start getting the home ready to be shown. This includes decluttering, removing personal items such as family photographs so that buyers can envision themselves in the home, painting, making any small repairs, and doing a deep cleaning to ensure your home is in tip top condition.



The KK Realty Group will develop a marketing strategy that is suitable for advertising your home.  This involves listing the home and then directing qualified buyers to that listing through social media, agent-to-agent referrals, traditional media, SEO (search engine optimization), advertising and notifying our extensive data base of potential buyers.  Our team will create a marketing campaign that aims to direct the most traffic to your listing.


It is our pleasure to assist families in selling a home.  We would welcome the opportunity to be part of making a difference in your family’s future.  We are committed to offering our clients the very best service in today’s competitive environment. 



Receiving an offer is an exciting part of the process but it does not mean the journey is over. We will evaluate each offer and make sure the buyer is qualified and that their offer is acceptable to you. If the offer is too low, we may advise you to make a counter-offer or offer other ways to bridge the gap, such as making minor repairs, adjusting the closing date or leaving some appliances or fixtures for the new buyer.



Once the homeowner determines that the offer is acceptable, we will review the proposed contract to make sure that everything is in order.  We will ensure that the offer includes the necessary components such as a sufficient deposit, that any conditions are reasonable and that the closing date works for the seller. 

Naturally, the most important part of the offer is a price that is acceptable to the seller. When both the seller and buyer have agreed upon the terms, and any conditions are either waived or fulfilled, then the seller will have a final and binding contract. 

Members of the KK Realty Group will walk you through all components of the offer to ensure that you understand every aspect of the agreement.



Once your offer is final and binding, you have reached the last step in the process.  When you close on a home that you are selling, you are legally transferring ownership of the property to the new buyer.  

But first, you must make a list of what needs to be done before closing.  In some cases, minor or major repairs will need to be made. In other cases, the home may need to be formally inspected, surveyed, and appraised by the buyer’s lender. You should make plans to handle final details such as cancelling utilities and changing the name on all accounts.  You also need to make arrangements to move out of the home.  

The KK Realty Group understands that your experience does not merely end with the acceptance of the offer.  To ensure that you receive the same care, attention and service that you already received, we can recommend a team of service professionals, such as cleaning firms, packing companies and movers.



There will be costs, in addition to commissions, that you can expect to incur when selling a home.  To help prepare for these, please note the following costs. 

Survey Costs: If you have a current survey in your possession and no additions have been added since the survey was created, the existing survey will usually suffice.  But if you are obligated to provide a new survey, additional costs will apply or in the alternative, your lawyer may arrange for title insurance.  

Legal Fees: You should obtain a quote for fees and disbursements, such as registration fees, photocopying, courier costs, preparing documents for registration, and affidavits.  If there is a mortgage to be discharged, the fee and disbursements may be higher.  

Adjustments It is difficult for a seller to calculate exactly how much money is owed for realty taxes and utilities on the date of closing.  Your lawyer will ensure that any overpayment or deficiencies on mortgage interest, realty taxes, utility charges and rents (if applicable) will be corrected and the appropriate party will be credited or charged accordingly.  

Moving Costs These costs vary based on the location and the amount of possessions being moved.  If you are moving yourself, be sure to factor in the cost of gasoline, rental vehicles and moving supplies.


Receive a Comprehensive Guide

Our brokerage, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. has prepared “The Home Seller’s Guide” which will elaborate on many of the phases involved in selling your home.  Please request a copy and we will send it to you free of charge.

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The KK Realty Group prides itself on informing and educating our clients in order to make better real estate decisions. It is our pleasure to assist families in buying or selling a home. We welcome the opportunity to be part of making a difference in your family’s future and are committed to offering our clients the very best service in today’s competitive environment. Please view our Buyers’ Information and Sellers’ Information guides on this website.

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